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C'mon magnet (white cat)

C'mon magnet (white cat)

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To send out the care to the one. 
The magnet series, makes it a perfect fit as a present.
Think about how happy he or she will be. ☆
HIKESHI SPIRIT Magnet Series is now available

A Product which makes it a great display for circumstances.
It comes with a box, as a great present.

 ·White cat
 One of two sibling cats. Shortly after birth, my brother disappears.
 It was raised carefully as a signboard cat at a birthplace Echigoya.
 She has a mild nature and dislikes fighting.
 The nose is effective in business, and it smells business.
 A lot of customers come in at the store.
 Echigoya guard cat with good luck.
 "Good seller, good buyer, good world"
 Height: 24cm
 Weight: 3.6kg
 Breed: Japanese cat

 ■ Product number: 999-4124 (261062)
 ■ Color:-
 ■ Size: Magnet / 73mm in diameter, 5mm in thickness
 Case outer size / 93 × 83 × 20mm

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