We offer free shipping on orders of 10,000 yen and over.


About Taxes

If customs duties (including replacement fees) are charged for "overseas shipping" products Please be aware, the purchaser, who is the importer (recipient), will bear the burden. *Please check the homepage of the Customs Bureau of the destination for the amount.

We will answer frequently asked questions from everyone (for domestic deliveries)

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About Payment

Q. How much does the shipping cost?
A. We will bear the shipping fee for purchasing  10,000 yen or more (excluding tax and shipping).
It costs 
1,600 yen nationwide (excluding tax) for purchasing under 10,000 yen.
If you have two or more delivery destinations, you will be charged 1600 yen (excluding tax) for each destination.

Q. Is there a charge for delivery?
A. There is no transfer fee. We will bear it with our company.

Q. What payment methods are available?

Payment methods can be credit card and PayPal.
*You don't choice COD(cash on delivery)and Bank transfer KOMOJU.

Q. Can I use postal transfer?
A. We are sorry, but we do not accept postal transfers.

Q. Is it safe to use a credit card?
A. It is safe to shop at the Hikeshi Spirit Edo Tokyo store.
Your purchase information is protected by SSL encrypted communication. Please use it with peace of mind.

Q. The holder of the credit card is not the applicant himself, can I place an order?
A. We are sorry, but you can't order it.
You do not allow the use of cards other than your name.

About the delivered

Q. How soon does it take to receive an order?
A. Delivery of products is usually delivered in the shortest time within two weeks.
For customers who have specified the delivery date,
If we are unable to do so, we will contact you separately.

Q. What happens if I am away when the product arrives?
A. If you are not there, you will receive an absent note in the post.
Please confirm your absent date and contact your courier on the desired delivery date.

Q. Where is the shipment of goods?
A. It will be shipped from Osaka Prefecture.

About changing the contents of an order

Q. Can I change the contents of my order (order product, destination)?
A. After ordering, it is not possible to change the contents of the order (order product, destination). If you contact us by 12:00 on the business day following the order date, you can cancel your order. After confirming the cancellation, please order again.
(If you order on Saturday or Sunday, please contact us by 12:00 on Monday.) )

Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. If you contact us by 12:00 on the business day following your order date, we will accept your cancellation.
We are sorry to trouble you after 12 o'clock, but please contact us by phone.
(If you order on Saturday or Sunday, please contact us by 12:00 on Monday.) )

Returns and exchanges

Q. Can I return or exchange products?

Returns and exchanges are possible. Please contact us within one week of the arrival of your order. Please return it to us within one week after contacting us. Returns and exchanges are not possible after each of the above periods. Thank you for your understanding.

Q. Can I exchange it for other products?
A. We do not accept replacements for products that differ from the products you order.
We will accept it as a return, so please contact us by phone.

Shipping method other than courier service

Q. Can I send by mail, non-shaped mail, Yu-mail, etc.?
A. We are very sorry, but we are currently only available by courier.


Q. Can I issue a receipt?

If you wish to apply for a receipt, please write "Receipt Request, Receipt Address" in the Special Notes column of your application.
The receipt will be issued by mail approximately 10 days after receipt of the customer's product.
Both of the following payment methods will not be adst attached to our receipt because the storage company has been migrated.
(However, if the order amount is 50,000 yen or more, it will be ad attached to the receipt by bank transfer payment.) )
In addition, the amount of the transfer fee and the amount of the point usage of the financial institution etc. is not included in the amount to be filled out in the receipt.

For customers who use COD
Receipts are attached to the product delivery slip. (Attached to all customers of COD use) Only customers who want to change the receipt address to the name of the application, please fill in the necessary information in the above special notes column. In the receipt issued by our company, "Product price, storage at the company name of carriage" is entered in the receipt remarks column.

For customers who use payment methods other than cash on-account
In the receipt issued by our company, it will be filled in "Product price, storage by [payment method]" in the receipt remarks column.