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『Spirit』 Project 4th Edition
【Kappabashi Iidaya】
Since it was founded in 1912 (Taisho 1st year), through cooking utensils at Kappabashi for over 100 years,
“Iidaya” is a professional group of cooking tools that keeps people happy and energized.
To feel more about "Kappabashi," "love for cooking tools," and "Iidaya”, under such a desire,
completely original goods were made under the supervision of Iidaya staff!
All design has its own passion individuality!

Since the establishment in 1912 (first year of Taisho era)
Through cooking utensils at Kappabashi for over 100 years,
Keeps people happy and keeps them energized
A professional group of cooking utensils, "Iidaya".

Super maniac and professional tools line up all over,
A cooking utensil shop where chefs from all over the world gather.

Year-end Coupon Lottery!

Year-end Coupon Lottery!
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