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"The best of Japan" "The heart of Japanese"

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, the four seasons that change the expression clearly every season,
Patterns and patterns unique to Japan that have been transmitted since ancient
Natural phenomena and events that exist in the world
The wisdom of people who have wanted to express themses as something in shape.

It is "stylish" to wear such a unique expression of Japan,
I want to tell you that it is the "heart" of Japan to make "wa" precious.

Through the brand of fire-out soul
To all the people I meet.
"The Best of Japan" and "The Heart of Japan"
Learn from the past, capture the present, and connect it to the future
Such activities are our mission.

What is fire?
The town of Edo where there were so many fires that it is said that "fights and fires are the flowers of Edo."
The first person to rush to the fire place was, as the name suggests, "Those who put out the fire 'fire out'.
Bravely jump into the fire, see the appearance of the fire extinguishers to put out the appearance dashingly if you fulfill the fire control,
The towns people felt the "stylishness" itself to them with the look of the yearning.