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The third bear cat group!

【Time Limited】 Start taking orders towards Ueno panda series!
The series, from "Ueno Marui”, which was very popular.
We now sell the Ueno HIKESHI SPIRIT Panda series within the limited time.
Including the new patch series Long Tee, pants, eco bags
Do not miss it~
Take Order: 9.3(Thur.)~9.14(Mon.)

Ueno Parentーchild Outfit Panda L/S TEE”

Parentーchild outfit panda series is now available in long Tee!

Ueno HIKESHI SPIRIT Panda Crops Pants

New 9/10 length pants with the panda set embroidered with a three-dimensional patch.

Ueno Panda Group Tote Bag

The tote bag of the Panda series, special specification that combines HIKESHI SPIRIT and the point of panda.

The charm of the panda group is perfectly mixing with HIKESHI logo.


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