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Food in Asakusa

Tue, Dec 08, 20

This is Yoshida, known as the most famous food critique in Euroasia.
... Just kidding. I enjoy eating food, that's all.

I'd like to talk about local food in Asakusa today.
Asakusa is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. 
There are always a countless amount of people.
If you think about it, more people = more places to eat. 
This means... more delicious food!

There are many great places to eat in Asakusa. 
If you want to go for Japanese food like sushi, soba noodles or unagi(eels), no problem. 
You aren't fond of Japanese food? Don't worry, Asakusa has your back. 
There are various kinds of places to eat for all of you.
The only downside of having many choices is, though?
You will have a hard time deciding which places to go to.

Now, let me tell you about my top 3 recommendations for food you should eat in Asakusa!

The third-place! 
"Kaminariokoshi"! Also perfect for the souvenir! 

"Kaminariokoshi" is well known as a Tokyo souvenir. 
They are Japanese version of rice crispies. It is said that it originated in Asakusa.
There are various opinions about that, but "Kaminariokoshi" being Tokyo's, specifically Asakusa's souvenir is a fact!
Some of you might have had them before. Once you eat it, you can't stop until it's all in the tummy.

The second place!
The taste of good ol' days! "Monjayaki"!

"Monjayaki" is local soul food in Tokyo, kind of similar to "okonomiyaki". 
It's also said it originated here in Asakusa like "kaminariokoshi". (There are various theories.)
People tend to debate on whether it's a staple, or a snack (or bar snack!).
In my opinion, it's a snack that can also be a bar snack.
The appealing point of Monja is that there's something different about it.
You eat with a small spatula, directly from the grill. How unique!

The first place!
Feel the crunch! "Tempura"!

I would choose to eat tempura when I visit Asakusa.
Tempura became popular as street food, served from food carts in the Edo period.
As you already know that it's been eaten all over the world. 
Yet, the Asakusa area has a large number of restaurants that specialize in Tempura.
And they are all delicious!
If I include soba noodles places that serve delicious tempuras, there must be hundreds of restaurants to eat tempura in Asakusa.
I think the best part of tempura here is having so many choices.
It must be fun to find your favorite tempura.
"This one's crunchy, this one serves large portions, the broth sauce is delicious." etc...
I put tempura in the first place not only because of the food itself but also for the process to find the favorite.

I cannot write enough about food in Asakusa.
Every time I come to Asakusa, my list of restaurants to eat gets longer. 
Very exciting.
Why not try the "restaurant hopping" when you visit Asakusa next time?

If you find your favorite place to eat, let me know discreetly.
I just ate but, I'm already hungry.

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