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A contemporary artist who creates and sculptures with salamander as the main motif,
Yuuki Inoue, the artistic collaboration with HIKESHI SPIRIT
Fujin and Raijin, the guardian in Kaminarimon in Asakusa. Appeared as a salamander, the guardian who provides protection, encouragement and discipline, adjusts the weather, and brings abundant grain.

Inoue, Yutaka type × Fire Soul
Yuki Inoue × HiKESHi SPiRiT

Yuki Inoue is a contemporary artist who incorporates Japanese tradition while bringing in an ironic aspect towards the society.
“Evolution”, as the theme; with HIKESHI SPIRIT, the brand which pursues Japanese sophistication, combining “Japanese” and “modern society” into the design.
Salamander, considered as a symbolization towards Inoue's work.
What is the message being sent through this work?
It is not only a product, but a valuable art piece.