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Four word language series


A sparkling soul four character word series.
It is a T-shirt that recreates the intention and the appearance of the fire extinguishment by each four character idiom.
In the process of exfoliation, a paste containing a coloring agent is imprinted
It is a traditional technique that decolorizes the characteristic of the characteristic that cannot be done by usual printing.

Fuchoku solid slab tee

Fukutoku Enma 'means that there is no dissatisfaction with various things.

Eight sleeve slab T-shirt

Even if you fail, you should stand up and stand up.

It is expressed by the Dharma picture of the foolish picture that becomes the face even if the intention of the flashback not to give up is reversed.

Fresh safe exquisite slab T-shirt

Peace is calm and peaceful.

It is a prayer that prayed for the fire to go to the dangerous scene safely and praying for the return.

Kids tee

Logo T-shirt


Peace T-Shirt


Makie seal

Seal painting with seven leaves


Left hand seal


Disaster relief Makie seal seal