How to use
In "Special notes / Requests to stores" in the cart
[Request for receipt at 〇〇 store]Please enter and place an order.

At a later date, the customer center will send you an email with the expected date of arrival of the product at the store.
* Some products, such as made-to-order products, take time.

After the expected arrival date
All you have to do is tell the staff your name and order number at the store.

・ Cash on delivery and KOMOJU payments cannot be used.
・ If shipping charges are added, we will correct them after confirming the order.
・ ※ By domain specified reception so that you can receive emails from our shop
Please set to allow "".
・ If you do not come to pick up for more than a month, we will cancel.
・ Receivable stores:HIKESHI SPIRIT Asakusa storeHIKESHI SPIRIT Kyoto storeRESQUAD Harajuku store