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Thanks to all rescuers.
The new project, "RESCUE PROJECT" started from brother brand RESCUE SQUAD.
New collaboration item with Kobayashi fire prevention!
In 1867, Kobayashi sashiko store started manufacturing sashimi(material) to protect Edo fire rescuers.
More than 150 years since then, the spirit of protecting firefighters who face fire
The one made from half coats to fire protection clothes changing with the times, have been leading on

A collaboration between Kobayashi fire prevention clothing and RESCUE SQUAD, expected long-awaited new color, white is also coming out.
Do not miss it! !!


W name TEE type5
3,500+ yen tax
W name TEE type7
3,500+ yen tax
W name TEE type11
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The history of establishment of a business 150 years
< The long-established store which establishment of a business, Kobayashi fire prevention clothes Co., Ltd. are consistent (1867) in 1867, and deals with fire prevention clothes.
The long history more than 150 years is the proof that continued keeping trust and the results. The quality attracts attention from not only the country but also the world.