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Kyoto wet drawing yuzen good Kyoto Kyoto event

Fri, Nov 27, 20

Kyoto wet painting
Custom event held by yuzen
Schedule: November 28, 2020
November 29, 2020
Time: from 12 to 16 o'clock
Location: fire fighting soul Kyoto shop

Hand drawn one sheet of paper
I can get it in the fire shop Kyoto store!

Custom order
We will also develop a special product for fireplace Kyoto shop and Asakusa store!

"White fox and spring summer autumn autumn"

Hell Hoody Fox
Various foxes and four seasons motif motif
It is the best piece of the best in the world where the soul is thrown by the hand of the big.

⬜ Kyoto Branch Store ⬜ ︎

Hazen yuzen Hanten Hoodie Fox
- hakuyuzen Hanten Hoodie fox - fall
400000 + tax

⬜ Product shop ⬜ ︎

Hazen yuzen Hanten Hoodie Fox
Hakuyuzen Hanten Hoodie fox - winter
400000 + tax

In addition, event day limitation!
We also have a special order plan for yuzen mask!
Please come by all means.

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"Three weeks in a row- Hikeshi coupon festival!!"
The first coupon
¥5,000 off of Hantens and shirts!



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