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When Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary

Wed, Dec 23, 20

When Extrrdinary Becomes Ordinary

Hello all, this is Yoshida.

This post is our last post of the year.

To summarize this year, we cannot avoid this topic; the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

This year was such an unusual situation.

Many of you must've had a hard time.
Some of you might be struggling.

Circumstances have drastically changed from just a year ago.

Asakusa is no exception.

The number of tourists decreased after the pandemic.

This must be the biggest change Asakusa experienced this year.

Because of immigration restrictions, you don't see tourists from overseas anymore.

Since people hesitate to travel, or even to go out, we see many Japanese tourists neither.

It used to be very hard to walk straight or without bumping into people.
You can walk at your own pace to explore now.

Many stores have installed hand sanitizers for customers.

A lot of restaurants in the area now have take out menus.

This way, you can enjoy dining out at home.

As someone who works in Asakusa, I want people to enjoy themselves here without any stress.

An extraordinary life is turning into ordinary life.

I hope you find something fun in this new life, new Asakusa.

Try going into the store you have never visited.
Try doing something you have never done.

Make sure to wear a mask and don't forget to sanitize your hand.

It will make me happy if you think to visit again by finding something fun in this town.

As I said in the beginning, this is the last post of 2020.

I hope everyone reading this to have a happy holiday!
See you next year!

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