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Yuzen Custom Design (Rising Carp) * Monies cannot be purchased.

Yuzen Custom Design (Rising Carp) * Monies cannot be purchased.

- Points

“It raises itself with a statement.

There is a scholar, and the person who receives it is named as the gateway to it.“

It is regarded as a lucky charm to its success,  luckiness of being rich, health and various legends.

【Please Be Sure to Read】

*This item is exclusively for the Yuzen event. It is not possible to buy the handle separately.

Please purchase together with the painting target products.

For more information, please refer to the event page.

This is a product that can be painted with this pattern.
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*If you want to purchase more than one item or other items together, please enter the combination in the special notes column as in the example below.

An example

Discharge slab OD HIKESHI Navy TEE M size and Yuzen custom design (Sakura Pink)

* It may be slightly different from the image for hand-written paints.
* Please note that the shipment will be sent approximately one month after the completion of the order and will be accepted.

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