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RS x Pinoco T-shirt [Kids] [Outlet]
RS x Pinoco T-shirt [Kids] [Outlet]
RS x Pinoco T-shirt [Kids] [Outlet]

RS x Pinoco T-shirt [Kids] [Outlet]

- Points
One of Osamu Tezuka's masterpieces [Black Jack] and RESCUE SQUAD collaboration items appeared
T-shirt with pinocco's famous scene longing for black jack in the background.
At the front desk, pinocco is surprised and has a face with the cliché "Achchonbique".
Black Jack's family, as an assistant,
A fan must-see item that is close up to Pinoco who always snuggles up.
Because there is a men's size, it is recommended to wear it by the family that the specification of the neck is different.
■Item number: 999-3902(30316)
♦Color Light Blue

Width of body
XS (90)
M (110)
XL (130)

■Size se-x-s-90-, M-110-130-130-size-size-size-1-size-large-sized-1-year-old-size-1-year-old-large-year-old-to-
●Materials: Cotton

What is Black Jack、、、
Between 1973 and 1983, there were a number of Tezuka osamus that continued the series in 230-episode reading format.
One of the best comics.
A medical drama in which black jack, an unlicensed genius surgeon, plays an active part.
Black Jack has a genius surgical skill,
It always miraculously helps severe patients at risk of death.
However, it always charges a huge price for the price.
Therefore, even the existence is denied in the medical field.
In a secluded wilderness clinic, with pinoco, an assistant who saved his own life,
Black Jack lives quietly.
He was left to be a patient who was abandoned by all the doctors today.
The last hope comes entrusted.
※Excerpts from Osamu Tezuka's official website.

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