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RESCUE SQUAD EMS Handswab [Outlet]
RESCUE SQUAD EMS Handswab [Outlet]
RESCUE SQUAD EMS Handswab [Outlet]
RESCUE SQUAD EMS Handswab [Outlet]

RESCUE SQUAD EMS Handswab [Outlet]

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Japanese waistwashing appeared from the popular series EMS (Paramedic).
The Star of Life Mark, which is recognized globally as a symbol of emergency medicine, is a toothpaper in Japan
Not only as a towel, but also as an interior such as tapestry, but also as a towel.
Commodity number: 999-3705 (26977)
Color: Blue
Size: 91×35cm
Materials: Cotton

EMS (Paramedic) Emergency Medical Service
Six "bars" of Star of Life each have
It's synbolizing the EMS's function.
1 DETECTION ... Awareness
2 REPORTING...Allport
3 RESPONSE ... Out
4シーンケアで... field allowance
5 Care In Transit ... Care in Transport Intermediate Allowance
6 Definitive Care Transfer... Transfer to Medical Institutions
If the Detection is a clockwise vertex below
EMS (Paramedic) Emergency Medical Service
EMS is the meaning of emergency medical services in short of Emergency Medical Service.
It refers to paramedics and paramedics who drive to the scene with ambulances and transport rescuers to the hospital.
The blue marks attached to their uniforms and ambulances are called Star of Life (Star of Life: Star of Life) and have become symbols of paramedic around the world.
The image color is blue and clean white in Star of Life.
The Star of Life trademark is attributed to the Water Risk Management Association, a specific nonprofit activity corporation; some of the sales of goods using the trademark are filled with the association's activities.