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Sashiko tissue cover [outlet]
Sashiko tissue cover [outlet]

Sashiko tissue cover [outlet]

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The series that focused on fire fighters who were a symbol of "best" under the theme of "HIKESHISPIRIT." The tissue cover that it was made one point of one point with the manual labor by the craftsman. I adopt quilting cloth for traditional textile "Bingo cloth with splashed pattern" of Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima that is the Japan's three biggest cloth with splashed pattern. One article that was made carefully discerning in Japan in the details. Because I am strong, I can enjoy unique depth of traditional quilting by using it for a long time. It is recommended as one point of the room.
■A product number: 999-2992(26755)
■A color: Navy
■Size: 23 X 12 X 8(cm)
■Material: Cotton