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A brand that uses technology used to dye kimonos, such as T-shirts, by adding its own play gokoro to the wet draw Yuzen-don,
"Kyoto Wet Drawing Yuzen -Aoi".

Soft colors and facial expressions using unique blur dyeing over and over again.

It expresses the four seasons of Japan's shift and conveys the tradition and history of Kyoto.

What is Wet Drawing Yuzen?

The word "yuzen" is used in a very broad sense. Yuzen-dyed kimonos and Yuzen-style dyeing are also called Yuzen.
Yuzen dyeing is said to have been started by Miyazaki Yuzen, a good teacher of painting who sold fans in front of the gates of Kyoto's Tomoon-in in the Genroku period, but the details are not known. Hand-painted yuzen is dyed in a way that uses a brush or brush to draw a picture.
By skillfully making use of techniques unique to hand-painting dyeing, you can express the flavorful flower and bird-like moon at will. Together with embroidery, we have completed the world-class dyeing art of Japan in conjunction with the technology of sliding foil.
In addition, "Wet Drawing Yuzen" is the technique of the writer "Yku-san" of Ao, which is called Yuzen dyeing, which draws patterns on wet fabrics, and is characterized by soft colors and facial expressions using unique blur dyeing.
The technique of drawing wet can be said to be "making a color on the fabric". By repeatedly overlapping colors and finishing them in deep shades, you can create a soft and unique look like ink painting.
Weeding Yuzen is a kind of technique for kimono techniques, but it is hand-painted clothes of "Aoi" that the writer Who has the technique draws in his own expression while using techniques that are not used for dyeing kimonos to add playfulness.
Please enjoy the unique singing of the artist who drew one by one and the taste of the brush.

Wet-painted Yuzen -----------------------------------------
606-0834 Shimo-Kashikoda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 5-10

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