Beautiful patterns on the Kimono.
You can understand the sensitivity of Japanese people, who sensitively absorb turns of the seasons to their wardrobe, also traditions from ancient times.

A pattern that you can feel the benefits of a vast ocean.
A wish for everlasting happiness and peaceful living is put in the pattern of endless waves.

A pattern consists of Buddhist crosses that are linked together continuously.
Consecutive crosses mean persistent longevity.
It is an expression of the wish for prosperity and longevity.
Seigaiha Open-collar Shirt + Mask
¥ 13200
Saya-gata Open-collar Shirt + Mask

¥ 13200

Seigaiha Hanten Shirt
¥ 18,150
Saya-gata Hanten Shirt
¥ 18,150

Koi Fish Embroidery Hanten Shirt
¥ 35000
Koma Inu Embroidery Hanten Shirt
¥ 35000