"Spirit” project 8th

Kyoto "Teramachi Specialty Store Association Shopping Street" to the world!
Do business together in the same shopping district
A long-established store of Kyoto vegetables and pickles in each season
that conveys the "chic" and "Japanese" of Japan.

What is Kyoto-like in modern Japan?
Two stores with the basic philosophy of "Japanese" and "hospitality"!
We will deliver a message with sincerity and affection.

Spring is a bamboo child dug in the morning in Rakusai. In summer, kamigamo kamo nagaso and tsukune sweet potato.
In autumn, Rakuhoku and Tamba matsutake mushrooms. In winter, 1,000 pieces are pickled.
As a specialty store of Specially Selected Kyoto Vegetables, and as a long-established store of Kyoto pickles, we convey the seasonal taste and aroma of Kyoto as it is.