Fantasy picture scroll series


Fantasy picture scroll series. A Yokai EZU (picture of specter), which is thought to have been drawn from the half of the fire
T-shirt that reproduces intention and state.
In the process of exfoliation, a paste containing a coloring agent is imprinted
It is a traditional technique that decolorizes the characteristic of the characteristic that cannot be done by usual printing.


Slab tee

4900 + tax

Ghost cat
Slab tee

4900 + tax

A reformed slab T-shirt

The hanabi raku of the motif of shinraku Yaki is a motif. In the past, the four character ripening word 'Senkaku Taika', which is good at being able to be transformed into various things, enters.

Ghost cat removal slab T-shirt

It is a picture drawing based on the anecdotes that the cat appeared in a pair of cats of Yoshikawa utagawa.