Important clothes that can no longer be worn. Would you like to dye it black and wear it again?
Even important clothes can't be worn immediately due to slight stains and discoloration
It is a waste to just throw it away.
"If you dye it black, your clothes will be reborn."
There are things you can do because of the Kyoto crest,
which has been pursuing "only black dyeing" for over 100 years.
For a more sustainable society.
TTo cherish your favorite outfit forever.
We will deliver the option of rewearing by "black dyeing".

After performing normal black dyeing, it is dried in the sun. In addition, one by one by hand
We perform our own "deep black processing" and dye it into "black that is unique in the world".
This black will not fade even after washing.

Clothes that have been used for many years will be revived with a soft texture like when they were new.
In addition, it has a water-repellent effect and is safe against moisture stains.
Processing example

Kyoto Crest has been dyeing only the black crest, which is a traditional Japanese formal wear, for about 100 years.
At the time of our founding, we have inherited the dyeing technology, which was all done by hand, by changing the workability with the times.
From black to deeper black.
In the final process, each piece is still processed by craftsmen and checked with strict eyes.
Please check the craftsmanship that only dyes black.
Deep black processing / Deep black unprocessed
There is "Shinkurokakou" which is a unique processing with Kyoto crest.
After black dyeing, it is reprocessed and dried in the sun one by one to make the blackness even more pronounced.
It will be "black like no other in the world".
This black will not fade even after washing. Clothes that have been used for many years will be revived with a soft texture like when they were new.
In addition, it has a water-repellent effect and is safe against moisture stains.

■ Temporary application
Please apply on the site or from the store.
[Please check the material! ]
If you have any concerns when making a request, please check the material written on the laundry name sewn on the side, neck, or pocket of your clothes.

■ When applying from the website

Clothes shipping from customers
Please enclose a memo with the customer name and order number sent with the clothing to be shipped.
[Dyeing desired product destination]
Kyoto Crested K Receptionist
51-1 Mibumatsubara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8823
TEL: 075-315-2961

Please be sure to read the following notes before shipping.

■ Inspection / main application

After confirming the product, we will make a final confirmation of the precautions and service contents before making this application.
After the product arrives, Kyoto Crest will contact you only if there is a problem with dyeing.
If there is no problem, please wait until delivery.
If there is no change in the contents received at the time of provisional application, we will not make a quotation and will make this application.
We will issue a final quote if there are any concerns or price fluctuations.
We will issue a quotation for 3 to 10 days after the arrival of the clothing.
It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so it may be Monday or Tuesday of the beginning of the week.
* If you do not receive a reply to the quotation for 3 months after contacting us for the quotation,
Clothes will be returned by payment from Kyoto Crest.

■ Re-dyeing

The dyeing period is about 2 months after the completion of this application.
Please read here for more information on re-dying.

■ Clothes shipping from K

After the dyeing is completed, the clothing will be shipped.

* Since silk and wool are very delicate materials, they may lose their shape due to shrinkage and white threads may not be able to be repaired.
Also, we will dye by a method different from normal dyeing. Please refer to the price page.
* Rayon is vulnerable to water and heat, so it has a large shrinkage rate, and especially high-grade and delicate rayon may wrinkle and change its texture.
* Cupra may wrinkle like rayon and its texture may change.
* Leather products cannot be dyed. Therefore, clothing with leather accessories cannot be dyed unless it can be removed in advance.
* Acetate / triacetate cannot be dyed if it is contained in the composition even in a small amount.
* Dyeing may be possible on the premise that it will not be dyed in pure black. Please contact us.
* Items containing batting such as down jackets cannot be dyed. (Consultation required for quilting)


About the fabric
Since it is dyed at high temperature, it may shrink or be damaged depending on the material.
If the fabric is weak, it may tear or puncture.
Denim pants that have been subjected to damage processing etc. may be further damaged or the fabric may be dyed.
Clothes that have been subjected to morphological stability, no-ironing, or water-repellent treatment may cause unevenness or discolor without being dyed black.

About sewing thread
Polyester is often used for sewing threads, embroidery threads, buttonholes, etc., and those parts remain in their original colors.
For example, if you dye a garment whose original color is white and dye it black, if the sewing thread is polyester, the sewing thread will remain as white stitches on the black garment.
The sewing thread may fray.
Gold thread and silver thread may be discolored.

About color unevenness
If the color is partially faded, it may not be evenly blackened.
Blended and mixed woven products may have uneven color depending on the mixing ratio.
If there is invisible oil or dirt on it, it may not be dyed and uneven dyeing may occur.

About losing shape
As for clothing, the texture of the clothing may be impaired because it is stirred in a high temperature when re-dying.
Items with lining, shoulder pads, or interlining may lose their shape.
Basically, we do not accept re-dyeing.

About shrinkage
Items with a dry mark on the washing label may shrink.
Depending on the material of the product and the sewing specifications, it may shrink when re-dyed.

About return when dyeing is not possible
If you send us your clothes and the Kyoto Crest judges that they cannot be dyed, we will return them by shipping fee.
If you send multiple items, some of which can be dyed and some of which cannot be dyed, we will also send the non-dyeable ones after the dyeing process is completed.
* Since re-dyeing is a high-temperature treatment, there is a risk of various problems such as fabric damage / shrinkage, discoloration after dyeing, stitching, corrosion / deterioration / damage of accessories.
We are not responsible for such troubles, so we kindly ask you to understand and understand the above precautions before making a request.