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"Soul" project 5th

"Sento is a power spot in the neighborhood"
Casino dealer Yuki is Japan's first (world's first !?)
Host a casino game for health purposes at a public bath.
(It's not gambling because you're not betting money.)

"Sento", a traditional Japanese culture
Brain sports game "Casino"

The product of these two is called "Casinoyu".
After entering the public bath, I felt comfortable
Have fun using your head in casino games,
Good health promotion!
That is the concept of Japan's first "Forge no Yu".

Please know everyone♪

"Ichiyo comeback"
-Rewarding your hardships and opening your luck-
It means good luck.

"Theory of the tub"
The wooden tub is made by combining several pieces of wood,
If even one of them is short, water can only be stored up to the "shortest height".
Therefore, the motif is the image of "storing happiness in a well-balanced tub."

"Mame squeezing"
A classic pattern of tenugui that was popular in the Edo period. Strong and healthy
It seems that "beans" and "beans" are hung and a circle like a bean grain is squeezed out with the thought of "no illness".