『Spirit』Project 5th Edition

<Casino x public bath “The bath of Forge">
"Sento is a power spot nearby”
Casino dealer Yuki is the first in Japan (the first of the world!?)
Host a casino game for health purposes at a public bath.
(It's not gambling, no money related.)
"Sento", a traditional Japanese culture
Brain sports game "Casino"
The product of these two is called “the water of Casino".
After entering the public bath, I felt comfortable
Have fun in casino games, with good health promotion!
That is the concept of Japan's first "The bath of Forge".

Please notify everyone ♪

"一陽来復 (back to emptiness)”
-Rewarding your hardships and luckiness-
Stand for fortune.

"Theory of the tub"
A wooden tub is made by combining several pieces of wood, the importance of the length is being considered.
The motif is the image of "storing happiness in a well-balanced tub."

『squeezing Mame』
A classic pattern of handkerchief that was popular in Edo period. It is said that a strong and healthy "bean" represent hung and a circle, squeezed with the thought of "no illness".