"Soul" Project 2nd
[Lixcher's Gump Suzuki]

Just For Fun
11 countries traveled by man-powered vehicle
A traveler who travels around the world with "love" and "courage" on a man-powered car
Self-proclaimed "Real Forest Gump"

"Tohoku" was chosen by Souto Gump Suzuki for this trip.

It is a 900KM race from Thomma, Aomori Prefecture to Asakusa, the northernmost part of !!!

I run with "soul" and "hope" on gump Suzuki's man-powered car.
Lixcher's Support Project Soul Project Start!!

"The road is there to run. Life is for fun."

[Lixcher's x Fire Soul]
Lyxchers who convey "love" to the world with a man-powered car,
The fire-out spirit that conveys the "stylish" and "Japanese" of Japan.

Just For Fun
"The road is there to run. Life is for fun."
Such a thought is expressed in the design of the half of the fire-out soul.
When it hits ultraviolet rays, it is mysterious! UV-colored print.
Gump Suzuki's dream to start crossing the United States
Designed with Santa Monica ROUTE66.

[Let's support the trip of the Tohoku of The Lixcher's Gump Suzuki! ] 】
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