"Atatatatata! Hokuto Hyakureiken! In a variety of kenpo and shocking decision lines, such as]
It caused a big boom and still attracts hot support from fans.
The legendary manga "Fist of the North Star" and the fire-out soul collaborate!


 199X year. The world was surrounded by nuclear flames. Civilized society has disappeared, and the world has reached an era of weak and strong food that is dominated by violence.

A few years later, Kenshiro, who became a successor of the Hokutoshinken, goes on a journey with his beloved female Yuria.

However, after being defeated by Shin, the user of Yuria's beloved Nanto Kokyuken, gets seven wounds on his chest and robs Yuria. Kenshiro wanders through the wilderness to recover Yuria. 

To meet the destiny. Kenshiro continues to save the weak by fighting against the powerful enemies who can conquer the turbulent world while being guided by the fate of Hokutoshinken.

Hokuto aiming for Toki and Kenshiro, who fought with Nanto's user who is paired with Hokuto Shinken, and met his brother Toki who is watching over Kenshiro.

Kenshiro grows up to become a true savior in the story of the true.

(Excerpt from the official website)