Does "black" symbolize positive or negative?

"Mystery" "Elegance" "Guest" "Stable"
"Darkness" "Evil" "Death" "Anxiety"

The image reminiscent of "black" has both positive and negative sides.
It changes depending on the wear and representing the mental landscape of the recipient.

Then how about "Deep Black"?
The expression "deep black" is blacker than black.
Black is ahead of black.

The deep black that the HIKESHI SPIRIT tries to deliver the color, inside of the warm beyond the positive and negative boundaries.

Originally, black is a color that absorbs and blocks all colors without reflecting light.
On the other hand, deep black is a technology that absorbs light and makes it look deeper and blacker.
It acts only on black and cannot be delivered in other colors.

"HIKESHI SPIRIT black HiKESHi BLACK" expressed in deep black dyeing with Kyoto crest
Based on the deep black processing that is blacker than black, the HIKESHI SPIRIT large crest, which is also a symbol of the brand, applied to the back as much as possible.
A powerful message that boldly, three-dimensionally expresses our symbol and dares to deliver to the surroundings an original state that neither escapes nor hides.

Kyoto Crest has been dyeing only the traditional Japanese formal wear, the black crest, for 100 years.
However, in pursuit of the best black in the world, black becomes even deeper.
"If you cut your body, black blood may come out." This word from the predecessor Tadao Arakawa may clearly express his commitment to black with the Kyoto crest.
With the conventional technique of black dyeing, it was necessary to repeat the under dyeing many times and layer the colors in order to produce a deep color.
Black-dyed fabrics, which used a large amount of dye and took a lot of time and effort, were very expensive.
Today, we have replaced our experience and intuition with data to complete the ultimate world-class black with our unique reactive dyes and deep black processing.
Kyoto Crest has made history in the unique world of kimono, which is literally Crest. I
In that sense, we must make it our mission forever to be a leading figure in Japanese black.
At the same time, it also means inheriting the traditional industry of black crest dyeing, which also dyes Kabuki actors and costumes, in the future.
The spirit of returning to "Wa" at the bottom of the heart of Kyoto Crest is an eternal theme,
and we would like to inherit the black of Japanese in the future, considering the fusion of old-fashioned technology and the present.