Hot soul summer series


What do you associate with "summer"?
Goldfish scooping, fireworks display, Kimo
The long rainy season has come to an end.
The theme of the sparkling soul summer series that raises the maximum of this summer
"Watermelon", "fireworks", "goldfish" and "ogre"!
The special effect that is hidden in it and the surprising effect!
It is a T-shirt that can enjoy even with parents and children.


Light saving lantern slab tee

How about Youkai T-shirt that feels cool this summer?

Color: Black
Size: s, m, l, XL

A mysterious mechanism in which ghost lights up at night

The ghost in the daytime changes, and it becomes a monster Light Lantern when it becomes night.
It comes from "Oiwa San" of this famous ghost, Katsushika Hokusai.

Light accumulates light and emits light. It is not limited to sunlight, but it changes energy into energy and stores its bright energy in paint.




Dry tees

Because I use dry T-shirt, I sweat even if I sweat.
Perfect item for summer.

Color: Blue
Size: s, m, l, XL
99900 tax

Dry tee.

"Comfortable new material" voltex, which is easy to breathe water, has few feathers, suppresses hair, and is strong in washing
Features of waterproof, UV cut, sweat absorption quick drying, cooling
Using a tapered polygonal cross section penetas alpha
This product is comfortable to sweat and dry feeling.




Banana melon watermelon tea

Color: green, white
Size: s, m, l, XL

The original picture is' hokurizu 'of Katsushika Hokusai
It is a simple still life painting with a half paper on the surface of the pumpkin which is cut in half, and drawing a knife on it.



Matsuri polo

Color: Navy, pink
Size: s, m, l, XL
500 + tax

He made "goldfish zushi" in the theme of kuniyoshi utagawa.
It is a picture of a seat in the banquet and one goldfish plays the shamisen and dances and dances.
The smile is spurred by the use of the goldfish fin dexterously.