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Modern illustrator "NAGA"

A new work is an appearance for modern illustrator "NAGA" and the collaboration work "すとり ... and fire fighter" series of HIKESHI SPIRIT to let "Edo" "ukiyoe print" "street" "graffiti" fuse! !The unique world of attention artist "NAGA" spreads out.


An Ibaraki-born illustrator graphic designer.
I love skateboarding culture deeply.
Triggered by having begun to work at the age of 25 years old at a public bath, I begin to be interested in traditional culture in Japan particularly the Edo era and begin to picture the work which let street culture and the ukiyoe print to like of own have MIX.
To many works to paint for unique sensitivity carefully, a unique view of the world that culture love and Ai Edo of NAGA fused is shown.


NAGA is an illustrator and graphic designer residing in Tokyo, born in Ibaraki, Japan.
He loves skateboarding very much as well.
As he started working in “Sento”(public onsen in local town in Japan)
When he was at 25 age, he got into Edo culture eventually and started to draw his original illust and artwork mixing street culture and ukiyo-e.
Looking very closely, you can find numerous unique details with his original character in his artwork, delivered by his pure love and respect for street culture and
Edo era.




New product


"The street fire fighter" with the fireman's standard of the spray can faces a fire fighter on a carp!
Ukiyoe print street art with a carp as a motif. Graphic art is described in the health of the carp.

NAGA Edomachi daughter TEE

Ornamental hairpins such as a cross bike, sneakers, the skateboarding to represent street culture to the hair of the 歩 くいなせな daughter in a town of Edo leave 挿; in an ear "fire fighter pierced earrings." A modern street item and a town daughter of Edo fuse and express a view of the world of "NAGA".

and more

Other collaboration work


NAGA fireman's standard frog T-shirt

The T-shirt which a skater frog dressed like a fire fighter was drawn on.

RS X NAGA ukiyoe print T-shirt

The world only in modern illustrator "NAGA" to make use of bright coloration and style of painting peculiar to an ukiyoe print, and to mix with the present age.


NAGA anti-group daughter T-shirt

"NAGA" But, the will product which mixed a view of the world and the flat of the ukiyoe print to express.



Photo studio

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