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Happy Father's Day

June 21st is Father's Day.

To express the gratitude and gratitude to father who has always supported my family as the mainstay.

A casual gift and a set of training wear that cares about his health.

A gift that conveys “Thank You" from HIKESHI SPIRIT.

*3 items, 500 yen OFF campaign will be until June 17th.

*Shipping by Father's Day (6/21), ordering by 6/17.

Free Wrapping Available.

If you wish to wrap, please write "Wrapping Wanted” in the note column.

Recommended for jogging and outgoing! Father's Day limited 3-piece set!
¥ 8000 + tax
If you select 3 or more items from the target items, each item will be 500 yen off!
Until June 17
The item which is always being wanted! An apron for your father! ︎
Let's send a polo shirt that fits the season!


"Three weeks in a row- Hikeshi coupon festival!!"
The first coupon
¥5,000 off of Hantens and shirts!



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