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"The 7th "SPIRIT" project

Kyoto "Teramachi Specialty Store Association Shopping Street" to the world!
Having business together in the same shopping district
JWith "Kyoto Gyokuro no Goencha", the most fun teahouse in Japan
HIKESHI SPIRIT, conveys the "chic" and “so”sophistication of Japan.

Period limited campaign! 12/3 (Thu.) ~ 12/13 (Sun.)!
When I bought a corabo HOODIE or eco-bag,
In the video, please enter the keyword in "Notices/Store Requests".
Present "Special Package Hojicha" in the video for details!

HIKESHI SPIRIT x Goencha Pullover Hoody

A collaboration pullover hoody with the characters, imagined both stores protecting the city of Kyoto.

HIKESHI SPIRIT x Goencha eco bag

The cute character design makes the shopping even more fun.

"A cup of tea, sir,"

The tea leaves that were made at the tea garden that lasted from the seventh year of the Tenpo period in Uji Tawara, Kyoto, were made in the tea garden.
This is a little bit of trouble.
Would you like to enjoy the luxury of everyday life once more?
We update the traditions from these ideas in a way that is rooted in our daily lives,
People who have not been interested in tea culture so far are also making their appeal from many directions.
This is the 'Kyoto Gyokuro-no-goto Tea' which is aiming at a unique tea house in Japan.

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