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Characteristics of Komon shirts

Japanese Mon (紋) are a type of memetic crest used to symbolize membership to a family or
organization. During the Edo Period (1600 - 1868), samurai began to dye ceremonial
kamishimo (formal dress) with small, repeating patterns. These komon patterns have been
passed down from the Edo Period through traditional textile crafts.
Often attributed to silk kimono, These beautiful patterns are instantly recognizable as
symbols of Japanese Iki and Wa.
Each pattern flows into the next creating a style that is playful, delicate and strong.
Komon fabrics are regarded for their unique symbolism and beauty. Common themes are
nature, animalia, and printed Japanese characters, all of which embody the style of HIKESHI

Edo Komon Shirt Short Sleeve Button Shirt Ebi Shrimp Pattern

Shrimp “Ebi” are often eaten to symbolize longevity, especially during traditional New Year's
dinner called osechi. We created these shirts with the spirit of Japan, with a universal playful

Edo Komon Short Sleeve Button Shirt Crab Pattern
Crab “Kani” are a popular symbol in Japan. Heikegani are crabs naive to the cool, deep
waters off the coast of Japan which appear to have the face of a samurai imprinted in their

Edo Komon Short Sleeve Button Shirt Saayae Pattern
Sayagata are interlocking manji, ancient symbols that have been used across many cultures.
The symbol arrived in Japan with Buddhism around the 1500s. They are thought to
represent life and strength

Edo Komon Shirt Short Sleeve Button Shirt Sakura Pattern
Sakura, the cherry blossom, is the unofficial national flower of Japan, is featured prominently
as a symbol of spring, love, and new beginnings.

HIKESHI SPIRIT komon shirts are hand-printed by the workshop of Tomita-zome in Waseda,
Tokyo. Founded in 1882 by Ichibei Tomita, the factory has been in continuous use creating a
unique printing process using mochi rice flour and traditional dyes.
Each shirt is meticulously hand-dyed, in the same careful fashion as samurai ceremonial
This technique has been handed down from craftspeople for generations and, in 1949 the
third generation of Tomita master komon printer became designated as an honored
craftsman by the Government of Japan. Learn more about Tomita-zome here.
We are honored to present these unique komon designs in the style of HIKESHI SPIRIT.
Each komon shirt is impregnated with dye through designs carefully hand-cut into very thin
washi paper, in the style of Mie Prefecture. This unique paper used for textiles, called
Ise-style paper is an uncommon approach to even the finest of dress shirts. It is a dyeing
process which originated over one thousand years ago

This fusion of generations-old traditional handicraft with sharp modern cues creates a shirt
that will be a centerpiece of your summer wardrobe for many years.

These unique shirts will bring a sense of history, harmony, style and passion into your
everyday wardrobe.
We are pleased to present them to you, in the thousand year tradition of fine Japanese
textile crafts.


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