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11/21 (Fri)〜Fox dice game event start!

Fri, Nov 20, 20


[Kyoto store event information】



【Store-limited event】
11/21(sat)-11/23 (Mon) new items will be hit in the dice game! If you swing the dice and Zorro eyes out,"HANTEN-HOODIE (Fox)" is held in the three consecutive holidays limited event! In the Edo period, there was a game of dice called Fox, and it seems that it became popular. Three consecutive holidays special event without mischief! Please try the challenge! We look forward to your visit.

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Black Friday!

4-day limited sale!
MAX70% OFF! !! The biggest sale in 2020!
Time: 〜11/30(mon.)23:59

優惠70%! !! 2020年最最划算的特賣會!

MAX70%OFF !!2020年最大セール!


Black Friday