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Movies to boost up your energy

Thu, Jan 28, 21

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.
This is Yoshida.

How is everyone doing in this cold January?
Make sure to take care of yourselves!
Same to me too!

Anyway, today's title is;
"It's cold outside, and the quarantine continues... All we can do is watch movies, isn't it?"

Who would benefit from this, you ask?


I think most people in the world stay at home more than ever.

Watching movies would be one of the best ways to spend time at home!

I feel like choosing from all genres might be too much work.

Let's narrow it down.

Hmm... How about action movies to lift your spirits during this gloomy season?

Cheer yourselves up during quarantine by watching exciting movies!!!

"True Lies"(1994)


A movie starring the living legend of action films, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

His role is a secret agent for the US agency disguised as a salesman.

While he's on the duty to protect his country from the terrorists, he becomes suspicious of his wife for having an affair at the same time.

What a hectic life he has!

Like his many other films, this movie has a few comedic scenes.

You can get excited from the action factor, then have a good laugh from the comedic side.

You'll have a grin on your face after watching this movie!

"Pacific Rim"(2013)

Level ☆☆☆☆

This movie is a sci-fi action movie about gigantic robots, which many of us had admired when we were kids.

Before watching this movie, you should know one thing or two about the director of this movie, Guillermo del Toro.

He has been publicly saying that he got huge influence by Japanese cultures, such as tokusatsu, anime, manga.

This movie is no exception.

He named the monster in the movie "Kaiju," which translates to "monsters" in Japanese.

The best part of the movie is the battle scene between the robots and Kaijus!

You can't keep a straight face from watching those intense battles.

The storyline and the battle scenes are very entertaining.

You should watch this one during the day, though.

You will get too excited and won't be able to go to sleep!?



I think this movie is very passionate, including the story of how this movie was written, directed by Sylvester Stallone.

It's a story about a boxer who rises up in the world.
Seeing him being more mature through his life makes us root for him the whole movie.

I think Rocky Balboa definitely leaves his name in the history of movies as.

Let's talk about the music.

Even if you haven't watched this, you probably have heard of the music.

When you watch the scene with said music, you'll feel like you can do anything!

This movie gives both energy and motivation!

These are my movie recommendations to boost up your energy.

Go watch them if you haven't already.

Tell me about your favorite movies, too!

I love movies so much, I could go on.

Might as well make it a series...?

Stay tuned!

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